Monthly Pattern Sewing Club

Each month, you get a new pattern with sew-along video. Sew them up and chat about it with the sewing circle - including Anastasia!

Pattern of the month

Have Fun Sewing New Projects

Join others building skills as you sew up a new fun garment each month. You get a pattern and a sew-along video where Anastasia guides you through the techniques and skills required to make the garment.

Chat with Anastasia and others on a monthly video conference. Tell us about your projects, get advice and guidance on sewing struggles, share sewing successes, and discuss fun ways to make patterns your own.

This is a great way to continue your sewing journey after taking Sewing 101.

Extra small to extra plus size patterns
Sew Inclusive Sizing

Anastasia makes all patterns in a full range of sizes from XS-6X or 0-38, so everyone can join the fun!

Anastasia usually focuses on unisex or womenswear, but all sorts of people sew skirts! Check out Sew Anastasia's instagram!

Sewing Lessons

Sewing up each pattern with Anastasia's guidance is the most fun sewing lesson you can get. Learn new techniques and hone your sewing skills!

Thanks to the detailed sew-along videos, you only need Sewing 101 level skills to get started.

I made it
Sew Rewarding

Anastasia loves hearing how people get compliments on their outfit at work, at a party or just out on the street, and it's so great seeing people lighting up as they say "Thank you, I actually made it myself!" It's a wonderful feeling to receive recognition for your sewing skills and craftsmanship.

A New Pattern Every Month

Anastasia picks a new garment each month based on her style, fashion trends, and methods she'd like to highlight.

You'll explore a wide range of garments and techniques from beginner-friendly tops and skirts to more advanced dresses and jackets. Anastasia makes sure you can do them all with clear directions, close-up shots of the techniques, garment construction tips, and valuable insights into proper fitting and sizing.

Not only do you get to keep the garments you make, you build up your skills and a pattern library as you go. Like the turtleneck you made last year? Make another in a different color, or make some for your family. With the experience, skills, and library you build up you'll have the flexibility to customize, modify, and even mix and match parts of patterns to suit your personal style. The possibilities are endless!

How You Get The Patterns

You'll get PDF patterns emailed to you in 2 formats:

  1. The regular paged copy for printing on letter or A4 paper. You can easily do this on any regular printer with letter or A4 sized paper and piece the pages together with cut and alignment marks (pink hearts 😍).
  2. A large format copy. You can take this to a copy shop to have it printed on 1 large sheet, or you can use a projector to project it right onto your fabric.

All sizes (XS-6X or 0-38) are color and line style coded, so you can pick out the size you want. The PDF files are also "layered", so you can just pick which size(s) to print, making it even easier.

The Sewing Circle

Join a community of sewing enthusiasts just like you to celebrate your sewing successes, ask for advice, inspire you with creativity, share helpful tips and tricks. The Sewing Circle provides a supportive and encouraging environment where you can develop your sewing skills.

One week before the meet-up, you'll get an email with the sewing topic that will be covered in the sewing circle. We'll talk about the monthly pattern plus a different topic each month. It might be a new sewing technique, different types of fabrics, or whatever. Email me any questions you may have about the topic ahead so I can come ready to address your specific questions.

Mark your calendars for the next sewing circle and get ready to join us in the fascinating world of sewing!

Better Than Front Row Views

I've got 4 broadcast quality HD cameras strategically placed to give you the best possible view of everything I'm doing.

See that black lipstick looking thing mounted over the sewing machine? That's a camera! When I'm sewing, you can see what I'm doing up close. Honestly, you get a better view than if you were sitting on my lap (and it's way more comfortable)! You can see how the piece is lined up, the fabric being fed through the machine, the needle piercing it, and the thread creating intricate patterns. It's sew amazing!

There's camera on the serger. And one right over the cutting mat. And a wide angle view where you can see everything at once. If you keep your eyes peeled, you might catch me smiling as I reach under the table to switch the view.

Getting the close up view for you was super important to me because I wanted to make it as easy as possible for you to follow along and replicate the steps with precision, and I'm so happy with it!