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How A Perfect Sewing Class Was Born

Over a decade ago, wanting to spread her love for sewing, an award-winning fashion designer started teaching people to sew in the back of one of her boutiques in Chicago. Her classes were as fun and vibrant as her clothes, so she quickly had to open a whole separate sewing studio. As students learned skills to sew, design, mend, and upcycle, she perfected the ways to teach them, the best way to explain and demonstrate each technique, the pitfalls to warn people about, and the most rewarding projects to teach them.

Students loved Anastasia's classes so much they referred friends, family, coworkers, and even people they just met at parties to her classes. Even after she built out a studio 3 times bigger, every single Sewing 101 class has sold out and people clamor for waitlist spots.

Now, you can get that same honed-to-perfection class she developed here, on-line, and you get access to the same material forever as reference material. You get great close-ups of the techniques. You can pause and rewatch as you master them yourself. Come back to review a skill whenever you need it.

Some Things You'll Learn

Sewing darts

A dart is an intake of fabric to create 3D shape. You'll learn 3 different ways you can sew your darts.

anastasia dress form
Making it your size

Learn to grade a pattern from size to size to make it fit your measurements.

Anastasia makes patterns in sizes XS-6X.


Learn 2 methods to gather fabric. Then you can make ruffles, gather sleeves and add gathered details to anything you want.


Put in visible, regular centered, and invisible zippers! Zippers are a crucial part of many garments, and knowing how to insert them properly will elevate your sewing skills to the next level.

Make a Skirt!

Making cute things is the best way to practice sewing techniques! The projects you'll make are sew fun and super satisfying.

The studio has a wall full of student success pics. They're all so smiley! 😊 Send in yours to get added to it.

Single Folded Hem

Learn all the essential ways to finish the the openings on your jeans, pants, skirts, shirts, curtains, pillow cases, etc.

Put your knowledge to the test

Want to make sure you learned everything? You can take mini quizzes throughout the course and prove to yourself you've got it down.

But only if you want to. They're optional.

If you do though, you'll earn a certificate at the end which you can add to your portfolio, post on your social media, display in your sewing corner, or tattoo it on your left shoulder? PLEASE send a pic if you get a tattoo.

Anastasia Sewing

Sewing is F U N!

Anastasia's LOVE for sewing is contagious. You're gonna catch it. 😍

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